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Six exhibitions opens to public in Suzhou

2022-09-23 16:49

The 4th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo kicked off in Suzhou last night. Six exhibitions, including the Canal City Culture and Tourism Exhibition, the Encountering of Silk Road and Canal Theme Exhibition, the Canal Tourism Product Exhibition, the Canal Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, the Canal Digital Culture and Tourism Industry Exhibition, and the Canal Cuisine Exhibition are now open to visitors at Suzhou International Expo Center. The expo will continue till this Sunday.

The China-Europe Oil Painting Art Exchange Exhibition is well worth a visit. A variety of famous international works from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia and other European countries and oil paintings by Jiangsu artists are being showcased.

Guided by renowned baristas and red wine connoisseurs, you can have a taste of the delicious food from different countries and purchase hundreds of specialties including European red wine, chocolate, crystal crafts from the Czech Republic, Polish amber, Persian tapestries, Korean cosmetics, and Sri Lankan gems. 

Flamenco dance, African dance, Italian masquerade parade and Thai boxing will also be performed on site. Bohemian jewelries and DIY-ed Venetian masks are also there for you to experience. Come and play!

The 4th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo

Time: September 23 to 25, 2022Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

How to make reservations

Long press the WeChat mini program

1. Tap "Reservation Channel (预约通道)" and then tap "Exhibition Reservation (预约看展)".

2. Choose your preferred date and period, fill in relevant information and then submit.

Visitors who have made a reservation must hold the reservation code, green health code and travel record and 24-hour negative nucleic acid test result or 48-hour negative result plus the sampling record of the day.

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