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This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

The Appeal of Postcrossing

May 18, 2017

Hi Jingting (Zhang). You're a first year university student and I understand that one of your hobbies is writing postcards and that you combined this with an interest in ...

Artist Lu captures tranquility of water towns

May 15, 2017|By Wang Jie

REFLECTION on water, peony flowers and ancient canal towns — all seem very distant from the hustle and bustle of life in a big city. And for artist Lu Jiren, this is an ...

Capturing the Moment — Interviews with Budding Suzhou Photographers

May 2, 2017|By Gareth Morris

Photography is a norm for most, a hobby for many and a passion for others. In this short series on photography a number of young Suzhou photographers will be introduced ...

The life of Pei: reshaping the world

Apr 1, 2017

PEOPLE visiting the National Gallery's East Wing near Fourth Street in Washington DC often find an unusual scene: Among all the names of the major contributors to the ...

Each new year brings little joy for a master of Taohuawu woodcuts

Feb 8, 2017|By Xinhua

SPRING Festival is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but it makes Fang Zhida, 83, anxious. Days before the new year, he locks himself in his studio to focus on an ...

East Coast Sports - Education Brand Building

Jan 12, 2017

Having worked in sports education for over a decade and watched with interest as the market has developed in Suzhou, we decided to open East Coast Sports (Yingken Sports ...

Suzhou attracts potential investors with financial support

Jun 24, 2015|By Li Lei

Potential investors will learn about different policies designed by the Suzhou government to attract talent and enterprises at the Suzhou Venture Week for International ...

Suzhou Venture Week features "1+10" mode

Jun 24, 2015|By Li Lei

This year's Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites is adopting a "1+10" approach. In this respect, the "1" refers to the main hosting site, which is the Suzhou ...

Suzhou Venture Week features innovation and entrepreneurship

Jun 24, 2015|By Li Lei

The 7th Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites will be held on July 10-12th at the Suzhou International Exhibition Center. A large number of industry experts ...

Elites Venture Week attracts talent and projects

Jun 24, 2015|By Li Lei

The Suzhou government has helped facilitate greater opportunities for both Chinese and international innovators to start businesses here since the Suzhou Venture Week ...

Future Private Advisory Board-- The New Normal for Business Idea Sharing

Jun 24, 2015|By Li Lei

The first Suzhou International Elite Enterprises and CEOs Private Advisory Board was successfully held in Pingjiang Fu Half Garden on May 20. The board meeting was held ...

Swede uses business savvy to link Europe, China

Jan 13, 2015|By Tan Weiyun

LENNART Rudstrom knows how to do business with Chinese and he knows it well. The Swede, 55, lives in the old district of Suzhou, dines in local restaurants, and talks, ...

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