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This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

Cable engineer takes instant liking to Suzhou

Dec 26, 2014|By Jiang Xinhua

"ALL my family members travel around the world. It is in my blood to travel and meet new people. Some people like staying in the same city and live the routine life. But ...

American English teacher popular with students

Dec 19, 2014|By Pan Zheng

WHEN Robert Donald Klein first came to Suzhou and became an English teacher in a local kindergarten in 2007, the then 37-year-old thought he would stay in China for just ...

Electrical engineer envisions better future

Dec 3, 2014|By Yang Jian

FOR many scientists, commercializing their research findings or intellectual property is a challenge. So it was for 40-year-old Singaporean Li Bing Keong, who holds a ...

Farmer combines organics with aquaponics

Nov 21, 2014|By Tan Weiyun

ZHANG Qian chucked his lucrative job as a chip designer for Hewlett Packard to pursue his love. The 45-year-old Chinese who was living in Houston decided to return to ...

Violinist's story reveals the power of music

Nov 14, 2014|By Zhang Qian

THERE are two very important people in 40-year-old Singaporean violinist Lee-Chin Siow's life. Hee-Shun Siow, her father who taught her how to play the violin, and Yuen ...

Condos with 24-hour nursing service for seniors

Oct 17, 2014|By Pan Zheng

Yiyang Seniors Residence in Suzhou New District received its first group of 67 tenants yesterday. The complex has 496 condos, a hospital with 340 beds, and a large ...

Annual electronics show opens in Suzhou

Oct 17, 2014|By Pan Zheng

The 13th China Electronic Manufacturer Expo (eMEX 2014) opened at Suzhou International Exposition Center today. The two-day show has drawn many exhibitors and new ...

Canadian teacher finds his new life in city

Oct 17, 2014|By Tan Weiyun

SYLVAIN Benoit never expected that his initial interest in Asia seven years ago would lead him not only to find his career in Suzhou but also a beautiful bride in the ...

Educator brings wealth of global experience

Sep 28, 2014|By Yang Meiping

HAVING worked in education for over 20 years, including 13 years as the head of various schools, 46-year-old Briton John Todd now works at Dulwich College Suzhou, an ...

Laying the Educational Foundations for Future Success

Sep 24, 2014|By Martin Leigh

Since deciding to steer his career into international education Martin Leigh has never deliberately targeted a particular country to work in, it's always been about the ...

German finds his technology niche in city

Sep 12, 2014|By Yang Meiping

HAVING worked for decades as a technical manager in such well-known industrial companies in Germany as Zeiss and Grundig, 68-year-old Siegfried Hoffmann now spends half ...

Indian scientist finds a second home in Suzhou

Aug 1, 2014|By Yang Meiping

STALL holders in food markets of Suzhou's Kunshan County are almost all acquainted with an Indian man. A. Thomson Mathai is a scientist, an experienced ecotoxicologist ...

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