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This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

German physicist finally finds professional bliss

Jul 18, 2014|By Tan Weiyun

ALEXEY Ivanov has finally found his Chinese Dream in Zhangjiagang of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The German of Russian extraction, 40, rides an electric bike to work, ...

Smooth transition for pharmaceutical executive

Jul 11, 2014|By Ding Yining

ROBERT John Coldreck started his second career at 59, after he retired from Switzerland-based Novartis in 2008 in the US and moved to Suzhou. Shanghai Daily sat down ...

Finding a second home in Changshu

Jun 20, 2014|By Feng Jianmin

ITALIAN Fabio Arancio is among the group of foreigners who has settled into life well in Changshu, a city just north of Suzhou. The 37-year-old works for the China unit ...

French professor with a passion for China

Jun 13, 2014|By Tan Weiyun

WHEN he was 16, Jean-Francois Vergnaud was a construction worker, carrying bricks in Nice, France, but at night he read and studied. At age 20, the young man born into ...

British university teacher finds happy family life, enjoyable culture

Jun 5, 2014|By Yang Meiping

LIKE many of his compatriots in Britain, Steven Bateman had little knowledge of China before he attended a university for a master's degree in business management. Now ...

Chef who's got a taste for the city

May 29, 2013|By Fu Yao

Suzhou is the second city stop in chef Joshua Nudd's Asian adventure, although the continent has been a big influence from early in his career. In November 2011, ...

Malaysian student strikes right chords

May 16, 2013|By Fu Yao

Malaysian student Loo Lihao is majoring in software engineering at the Dushu Lake campus of the Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST), a vocational joint ...

Finding a new home in a foreign land

Apr 24, 2013|By Tai Weiyun

While a student, Briton Mark Coyle decided to come to China. Now more than a decade later, he's settled in Suzhou, married to a Chinese woman, is a proud dad ... and ...

Musician on the crest of a wave

Apr 19, 2013|By Fu Yao

EMILY Snow is a bright and talented young singer from Toronto, Canada, who has been living in Suzhou for the past 18 months, working as both an English teacher and a ...

Band can't beat city fame

Apr 3, 2013|By Georgina Ladd

THE Beat Appreciation Society is a folk-rock band that formed last year in Suzhou, bringing together eclectic musical influences in their debut album "Under the ...

Italian dishes out a little culture in his restaurant

Mar 20, 2013|By Lu Feiran

Italian native Stefano Micillo expects to bring a "real Italy" to China through his restaurant Mammamia and authentic Neapolitan pizza. He always wants to convey the ...

Music teacher from South Dakota touches heartstrings in China

Mar 5, 2013|By Kerry McBride

South Dakota is a long way from China but operatically trained singer Kim Gilbertson feels right at home, teaching music and English and planning to help disadvantaged ...

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