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How to re-watch programmes/sports on your normal Suzhou TV box

Aug 10, 2016

How to never miss your favourite shows again! Have you ever wondered how people take clips from TV shows? How they put up clips of amazing goals on WeChat? How would ...

Escaping the crowds to find relaxation at Jinji Lake

Jul 21, 2016|By Kelly Pringle

SUZHOU has become famous for its old town and waterways which are quintessential China, making them a foreigner's dream. There are places to buy souvenirs, take pictures ...

Perfect island retreat for weary tourists

Jul 21, 2016|By Yao Minji

XISHAN Island in Taihu Lake is typical of the intricate and romantic traditional Chinese landscape so favored by painters. Mountain peaks rise above low mists, high ...

The WorldHotel – great swimming and Buffet

Jul 11, 2016

As a resident of the Dushu Lake education town it is hard to get motivated to drive to SIP for a swim but with the summer upon us and the 8year old deciding that this is ...

How to survive a full Zodiac as an expat? Infiltrate don't isolate.

Jun 13, 2016

Having lived continuously in Suzhou since 2003 and seen all the changes and new plans for the city, I have been asked increasingly 'when am I leaving?' and 'how come I ...

Traditional Xinjiang cuisine in the comfort of a Suzhou Mall

May 18, 2016

As a newbie to China in 2002 my favourite dish was always chopped fried noodle in a tomato sauce (ding-ding-chao-mian) as it was a safe-on-the-stomach, easy-to-eat and ...

Should we play in the rain, teacher?

May 4, 2016

Where does the fear of the rain come from? Local people have a strange obsession with not going out in the rain, avoiding puddles and never playing in the rain. ...

Where to get a decent suit made? The tailors of GuanQian Jie (观前街)

Apr 14, 2016

The centre of Suzhou has an old fashioned Chinese walking street which is predictable in the types of shops that you'll find it. You have the Starbucks, Zaras, ...

Football in Suzhou

Feb 23, 2016

Why is Football becoming popular in Suzhou? Sports in general are becoming popular in China as the population become richer and start to gain hobbies. Yet there seems ...

Driving in China – getting the license… if you have a license from another country and want to drive in China

Dec 23, 2015

First up a confession – I can only drive in China. I learnt to drive here, I am used to driving here and I would be the victim of road rage if I was ever to drive a car ...

Living Local 12: Vegetarian Choices

Dec 23, 2015

Before coming to China, I was a vegetarian for years, and took for granted the wide availability of meat substitutes and meat-free options I had to choose from in the ...

Anyone fancy an English meal?

Nov 25, 2015

Mocked and ridiculed by local Chinese for many a year, giggled at by even Americans and never appreciated for the charm and, well, humourous names; Yes this article is ...

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