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Gearing up for the World Championships

Apr 21, 2015|By Li Lei

With the World Table Tennis Championships taking place in the city in little over a month, local residents and organizations are buying into the anticipation by ...

Living Local 3: Buffet delights

Apr 20, 2015

With a love of good value for money and a table full of food, it's no wonder that in China you can find buffets everywhere nowadays. I've tried a few great buffets in ...


Apr 9, 2015

I believe that I have mentioned previously that living in China can present certain problems for a vaguely bemused expat. Some taxi drivers apparently still don't know ...

Living Local 2: The Growth of World Class Sport on Our Doorstep

Apr 1, 2015

Ever since the Olympics were held in Beijing in 2008, the sporting world has looked to China with growing interest. And indeed, China has set its sights on showing the ...

English Diner – German Cuisine

Mar 20, 2015

So, what is it with Suzhou and German restaurants then? I like to think of myself as broad minded in the culinary department and I love a sausage as much as the next ...

Living Local 1: The Pet Market

Mar 17, 2015

Two and a half years ago, as the academic year drew to a close, an excited group of students appeared at my office door bearing a surprise gift. Stepping forward, they ...

What to buy - it's a gift

Mar 16, 2015

Like many expatriates, I will be flying home soon. I stayed in China for the last two spring festivals and while I enjoyed the cultural experience, this year I really ...

Goodbye to Winter Blues

Mar 16, 2015

For millions of Chinese, Spring Festival was a homecoming, a reunion; for me it was a sense of 'I made it'. I have survived another Suzhou winter and come out the other ...

Chinese New Year Events

Mar 6, 2015|By Li Lei

Chinese New Year brings many opportunities for people to go out and experience some of the local festivities, and in this respect Suzhou offers an abundance of ...

Chinese New Year Food

Mar 6, 2015|By Li Lei

It seems inevitable that in China people will talk about food. Indeed, in many places, such as Beijing or Tianjin, the topic is often used as an ice breaker in ...

Chinese New Year's Traditions in Suzhou

Mar 6, 2015|By Li Lei

Different to January 1 New Year, the dates of the Chinese New Year vary according to the Chinese lunar calendar. For 2015, the Year of the Sheep, New Year's Day falls ...

Preparing for Chinese New Year

Mar 6, 2015|By Li Lei

Similar to the build up to Christmas, preparation for Chinese New Year really begins in earnest about a month before the lunar New Year. This can be seen in the array of ...

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