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Chinese New Year in Suzhou

Mar 6, 2015|By Li Lei

Chinese New Year is probably the most famous, and certainly the longest festival in China. Based on the lunar calendar, each New Year has a corresponding zodiac sign, ...

New Hotel Reflects Suzhou's History of Wealth and Elegance

Mar 11, 2014

Boutique Hotel: I'm now loath to use the term given the diminution of its meaning by successive B&B owners, yet Blossom Hill's latest venture in the historic heart of ...

Is it Genuine? Adventures in the Chinese Antiques Trade

Oct 16, 2013

Knowing that I once worked in the antiques trade in Britain, a friend recently asked my advice as to where to buy antiques in Suzhou. My answer was that if she is ...

Seasonal Eats

Oct 8, 2013

Every year, as summer fades into autumn and cool winds blow in from the north, a vast migration begins in the rivers and lakes around Suzhou. As with all migrations, ...

The Mystique of Su Xiu

Sep 18, 2013

With its long association with the silk industry, it's no wonder that Suzhou is a major centre for Chinese embroidery. Indeed, Su Xiu (Suzhou embroidery) is considered ...

Food from the West (of China)

Sep 12, 2013

Food from the West (of China) When one thinks of China, your mind – after initial distractions on the topic of martial arts, temples or black and white bears - ...

An active autumn in Suzhou

Aug 22, 2013

Now that autumn is almost upon us we can finally begin to pull ourselves out of the heat induced lethargy that has gripped over last few months. Trying to muster up ...

At home in Suzhou

Aug 13, 2013

My little corner of Suzhou Industrial Park is very quiet this month. Being predominantly a student area, many local stores have closed down over the summer break while ...

Touring Suzhou at 40 °C

Jul 31, 2013

As we all know, Suzhou is a particularly attractive destination for domestic and international tourists. Head to Guan Qian Street on any given day, for example, and ...

A Difficult Choice...

Jul 18, 2013

I was recently very surprised when a colleague told me he was leaving Suzhou and heading back to England because of the high cost of keeping his kids in school here. My ...

Handmade in Suzhou

Jul 10, 2013

In the mind of many westerners a trip to the tailors is something reserved for a select few; the upper classes of society. If you're in Great Britain the elite clientele ...

Next stop the future for traditional Suzhou

Jul 5, 2013|By Xu Chi

Known as the Venice of the East, the city of Suzhou impresses visitors with its waterways, classical gardens, historic streets and traditional embroidery art. But ...

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