Suzhou Venture Week features "1+10" mode

Jun 24, 2015

This year’s Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites is adopting a “1+10” approach.

In this respect,  the “1” refers to the main hosting site, which is the Suzhou International Exhibition Center in Suzhou Industrial Park. The “10” refers to the ten Suzhou governed cities or districts, which will be branch sites of the event. They are Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Taicang, Kunshan, Wujiang, Wuzhong, Xiangcheng, Gusu District, SIP, and Suzho New District.

Each district will have its own role and seek to attract participants from different industrial fields.

Zhangjiagang has to date attracted many high-calibre participants from the modern equipment manufacturing industry. Since 2009, the venture week has helped Zhangjiagang recruit a high number of innovation talent in return who have subsequently helped with the development of the economy.

This year more than 1,200 experts from home and abroad have been invited to take part in the venture week. In recent years 246 projects have been established in Zhangjiagang with a total registered capital close to 1.5 billion yuan (US$245 million).

Changshu is mainly focusing on the automobile industry. More than 1,294 prominent individuals have been invited over the past six years and 184 projects were settled with a total registered capital of 272 million yuan.

Taicang meanwhile has international ties and a reputation as “the hometown of German Companies in China.” There is a strong focus on German investment, and during the innovation week in 2014, 9 out of 42 attracted projects were from Germany.

Kunshan has strong ties with investors from Taiwan, and has a strong emphasis on the development of the electronic information industry.

Wujiang economic development area in comparison is the world’s biggest industrial base for network communication equipment, laser printer and power supply units. Investors from more than 20 countries have business interests here with investment exceeding 1.02 billion yuan.

Gusu District focuses on the development of the modern service industry, such as trading, tourism, science education and culture creativity, modern logistics, software and service outsourcing.

SIP is famous for many things, in particular biological medicine, as well as mobile internet technology, new materials and Nanotechnology. There is even a Salon activity designed and organized during the week called “SISPARK” to support with the locality. SND is an equally famous locality for medical investment, with one focus being medical apparatus and instruments. There are over 257 projects in this area. In 2014 the North America High-Level talent innovation enterprises competition was also held here, receiving strong positive reviews.

Finally, Wuzhong and Xiangcheng districts are also very popular. Since 2009, the fast development of these areas has meant that investment has increased rapidly.

Many high-calibre individuals are also choosing Suzhou as an investment base.

Zhou Xin, is an example of this. Awarded a doctors’ degree in electronic engineering from University of Michigan, and recognized by the “One thousand Talent” Project, he has settled down in Zhangjiagang after attending the venture week and started his own business researching about the development of gallium arsenide concentrated solar battery as well as semiconductor pellets.

Zhao Yong is another high-calibre individual who has made Suzhou his employment home. In his case he is working to help people with hearing disabilities. Having taken part in the 2009 venture week his company is involved with research, manufacturing, sales and service in the high-tech medical equipment.

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