Doing a Juice Cleanse in Suzhou

Mar 15, 2017

Have you ever heard of Juice Cleansing? It is one way to detox and heal your body, although I am sure there are some people who do not believe that it works. The reason I am writing about this is that I actually experienced juice cleansing, and felt good after it. In this article, I am going to write about my own experience of juice cleansing. Of course, different people’s bodies may react differently to this type of cleanse, so my experience may not be the same as that of some other people. In general, I would recommend seeking medical advice before trying anything like this if you have any health problems that you are concerned about.

To do the cleansing that I did, you need to buy cold-pressed juices. These are made by a special juicer that uses high pressure, but no heat, to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. This method of preparation minimizes the loss of enzymes and nutrients. Unless you have this type of juicer at home, you will need to find a shop that sells these 100% cold-pressed juices for the best result of the cleansing.

I did three days of consecutive cleansing. The day before I started, I prepared my body. This meant eating mainly fruits and vegetables, while avoiding meat, animal fat, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

During the cleansing period, I drank six bottles of cold-pressed juice a day, having one bottle every few hours. I made sure I didn’t get dehydrated by drinking plenty of water and herbal tea during the day. Just drinking juice all day may sound very hard. However, I didn’t find it that difficult, as I could drink a bottle of juice each time before I felt very hungry. The only time I found it very hard was when I was cooking. Even though I myself wasn’t eating, I still needed to make meals for my family. When I cooked, I couldn’t even taste the food I made – I hope it didn’t taste too bad! During these cleansing periods, my body felt good. I could do some light exercise, like going for a walk. There were some times when my body felt quite cold, but when that happened, I just drank some hot water to warm myself up.

After my three days of cleansing had finished, I made sure not to eat solid food for another three days. As my body had become used to a liquid diet, I had read that it is better to return gradually to normal eating habits, to make sure that my stomach wasn’t upset by a sudden change. What I consumed during the three days after the cleanse was congee, pumpkin soup, miso-soup and smoothies. I increased the amount I ate each meal, and went back to eating solid food after that.       

So where can you find cold-pressed juice in Suzhou? I bought mine from a recently opened shop called “FRESH BROS”, which is located on the basement floor in Jiuguang Department Store. They have a few different juice cleanse packages. You can also order online using WeChat and get the fresh juice delivered to your apartment for each day of your cleanse programme. As well as cold-pressed juice, they have other healthy products, like vegan salads, almond milk and superfood open sandwiches. I highly recommend paying a visit, even if you don’t want to do juice cleansing.

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Kaori is from Fukuoka, Japan and she moved to Suzhou with her British husband in 2010. She gave birth to a baby girl in Shanghai in 2014 and is currently a full-time mother, but previously studied Chinese at Suzhou University. Kaori enjoys going for walks, going out for meals, shopping on Taobao and visiting new places in China. Places she has particularly enjoyed visiting include Harbin, Beijing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Moganshan, Guilin and Yangshuo. She also loves to explore different areas of Suzhou, both old and new.

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