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Bringing your pets – only cats or dogs are allowed – to Suzhou is possible, but the quarantine procedure is as complicated as you can imagine. With a whole set of original certificates, including a health certificate and a rabies vaccination certificate, your pet will be subjected to a 30-day compulsory quarantine process by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities. During the quarantine period, your pet should stay in a separate quarantine farm belonging to the quarantine authorities for seven days and then stay at your home for 23 days without going out.
With one passport, you can bring only one pet. The quarantine service will cost you at least 2,000 yuan (US$315) and, after your pet has passed through quarantine, you should register it at the local police department under the name of a local Chinese resident. You may need to seek help from a local Chinese person you trust to accomplish this mission.
Since there is no entrance for pets in Suzhou, pets should enter the border through Shanghai port.
Owners should submit application to Shanghai Pujiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau if their pets enter the border by land or sea.
Click here for the official Website of Suzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (only Chinese is available).
You can also call 0512-6262 5593 for more information.

Buy or Adopt

Buying or adopting animals here in Suzhou is another option for animal lovers.

If you want to buy a pet, many are available at local pet markets, and the Pishi Flower and Bird Market is a famous place in Suzhou where you can find fish, birds, dogs, cats and other pet supplies.

Pishi Flower and Bird Market

Address: 172 Pishi Street, Suzhou
Tel: 0512-6727 9047

You should choose only licensed and vaccinated animals. Otherwise you may see the pet you bought die in a few days, because it has been kept alive by injected drugs.

You may also adopt a pet from local animal aid organizations.

There are many pet grooming stores and veterinary clinics in Suzhou, most are private-owned, and Baita Road E. (Bai Ta Dong Lu) is a famous street for finding pet services.

Pet Grooming

Most pet shops provide deep cleaning, sterilization and deodorization services effective in preventing skin diseases without any side effects.
Anti-itching massage and health care are available all the time.

The price for dog shower service depends on the size. For small dogs the cost may be 20 yuan once off, for medium-sized dog 40 yuan once off, and for large dogs the shower price is around 50 to 60 yuan once off.

Pet Sitters

Pet sitters is different from the Ayi Service (housekeeper), when you are away, pet sitters and dog walkers can take good care of your pets with professional skills and the price depends on the time and the size of your pet.
Normally 30-minute dog walks twice per day costs around 100 yuan.

Rabies Shot

Your pets must be given a rabies shot every year, and 60 yuan is the normal price for one imported rabies shot, and a pack of seven costs 170 yuan.

Dog License Application

Each dog living in Suzhou must have a dog license updated each year. For applications, you need to prepare a copy of your passport, one 3-inch photo of your dog, and other required documents.
Basically the license charges from 100 yuan to 200 yuan depending on the location.
World Wildlife Fund China
As the first international conservation organization invited to work in China, WWF has been active here since 1980, when Dr George Schaller arrived to work with Chinese scientists on giant panda conservation. Today, the WWF China Program Office has 50 staff working on over 40 projects, from restoring the Yangtze River wetlands to environmental education and panda conservation.

Second Chance Animal Aid (SCAA)

SCAA is a group of expatriate volunteers who save animals usually off the streets and work with vets at PAW to make sure they are healthy. These pets are then made available at no cost to anyone who can provide a good home.
All the dogs, whether imported or obtained locally, should be registered in accordance with the law, or they may be captured and euthanized by local police to protect people from rabies or attacks. Walking dogs is prohibited in public squares or main streets of the city. Pet dogs are also not allowed to enter markets, stores, business districts, hotels, parks, schools, hospitals, movie theaters, gymnasiums and waiting rooms. Dogs are also banned on public transport.


You can purchase pet food in supermarkets, and most popular foreign brands are available.

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