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Last updated on Feb 28, 2012

During your stay in Suzhou you may want to send some presents to your family or transfer some of your goods and documents around the world.

In order to do this, a few mail services are at your disposal.

1. China Post
In Suzhou, the official color of China Post’s offices is green, but none can offer services in English.
Here are some major post offices:
Sanxiang Road Post Office, 102 Sanxiang Road, 0512-68262762
SIP Post Office, 123 East Ring Road, 0512-67244546
New District Post Office, 80 Shishan Road in Suzhou New District, 0512-68259470
Baita Post Office, 36 Baita Road W., 0512-67703043
Zhuhui Post Office, Postal Building on Zhuhui Road, 0512-65108605
Fengmen Post Office, 25 Fengmen Road, 0512-67425127
Changmen Post Office, 87 Guangji Road, 0512-65331818
Fenghuang Street Post Office, Cuku Lane, Fenghuang Street, 0512-65239597
Chayuanchang Post Office, 487 Renmin Road, 0512-67203447

China Post mainly operates domestic and international mail services.
Mail under 20 grams sent within Suzhou costs 0.8 yuan each or 1.2 yuan if it is sent out of the city.
For international mail, the costs are 4.4 yuan for mail under 20 grams each, 5.2 yuan for a mail sent by air and 3.2 yuan for a postcard.
For mail to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the costs are 1.5 yuan per mail items under 20 grams, 1.8 yuan for a mail sent by air and 1 yuan for a postcard.
Service hotline: 11185

2. EMS
EMS (China Courier Service Corporation – CCSC) is a state-owned subsidiary, which offers domestic and international mail services.

EMS is also the largest provider in China’s express service industry currently.
Collection service available.
Service hotline: 11183

3. Commercial mail services

Another simple and quick way to send a shipment is to use international mail services available in the city, such as FedEx, TNT, and UPS.
Most of them propose a wide range of options as: next day delivery, international delivery, dangerous goods, freight services and pick-up services among others.
If you need further information or assistance, please call their service hotlines.

Service hotline:
800-820-9868 (for telephone users)
400-820-9868 (for mobile phone users)
Price list:

Service hotline:
800-988-1888 (for telephone users, toll free)
400-886-1888 (for mobile phone users, toll free)
Price list:

Service hotline:
800-820-8388 (for telephone users)
400-820-8388 (for mobile phone users, toll free)

Price list:

4. Mailing options

No matter the company you have chosen, you can choose to send your parcel by ship, train or plane. It is important to note that the mode of transport chosen will determine the time of sending (one month or more by ship, 3 weeks by train, 1/2 weeks by air) and, of course, the service cost.
If these deadlines seem too long, you can also choose the express service. In most of the cases, your parcel will arrive in a few days.

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