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Suzhou Ballad Museum

No.3 Zhangjia Lane, Pingjiang Road|0512 6727 0103
Updated on Nov 5

Suzhou Ballad, also known as Suzhou Pingtan, is a traditional art form popular in Suzhou and surrounding areas. A museum dedicated to this art form reopene...

Kunqu Opera Museum

Tinglin Park, Ma’anshan Road E., Kunshan, Suzhou|0512-5755 4119
Updated on Jun 6

Kunshan is famous for Kunqu Opera, which is the oldest form of opera in the world. It is said that Kunqu Opera is the ancestor of all Chinese operas. As an...

Suzhou Inscriptions Museum

613 Renmin Road, Canglang District|0512-6519 7203
Updated on May 30

Located in Suzhou Confucius Temple, this museum exhibits incribed steles. "Pingjiang Map" is the oldest known map in China.

Suzhou Garden Museum

202 Dongbei Street, Pingjiang District|0512-6754 6354
Updated on May 28

The museum is located to the west of Humble Administor's Garden. The museum shows the history, art and culture of Chinese gardens. The transport is very co...

Suzhou Police Museum (Suzhou anti-drug exhibition hall)

3 Xishanchang Lane, Siqian Street, Canglang District|0512-6516 4989
Updated on May 28

Opened in June 2007, the museum is in a former prison. The prison was built in the Qing Dynasty.

Suzhou Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

314 Jingde Road, Pingjiang District|0512-6522 4993
Updated on May 28

The collections show the achievements of Chinese medicine in Suzhou in different periods. Located between Guanqian Street and Shantang Street, it is conven...

The Museum of Suzhou Embroidery Art

280 Jingde Road, Pingjiang District|0512-6522 5756
Updated on May 10

The Museum of Suzhou Embroidery Art was set up in 1986 and was relocated to the current site at Jingde Road at the end of 1988. The museum is divided into ...

Suzhou Stone Inscription Museum

No. 45, Renmin Road, Suzhou|0512- 6519 7203
Updated on Apr 16

Suzhou Stone Inscription Museum, located in the Suzhou Confucian Temple is a professional museum featuring collections, research and displays of stone insc...

Suzhou Museum of Folk-customs

32 Panru Lane, Pingjiang District|0512-6727 2478
Updated on Apr 16

The museum has exhibits of local housing styles, folk art (including paper cutting, ceramics and peasant paintings) and local marriage customs of the Ming ...

Suzhou Silk Museum

2001 Renmin Road, Canglang District|0512-6753 6506
Updated on Apr 16

Opening Hours:8am-5:30pm.The various displays give an excellent overview of the history of Suzhou's silk industry and aspects of sericulture and silk produ...

Suzhou Opera Museum

14 Zhongzhangjia Lane|0512-6727 3334
Updated on Apr 16

Opening Hours:8:30am–4:30pm.The museum displays traditional instruments and other artifacts connected with musical drama in the Suzhou region, especially K...

Suzhou Museum

204 Dongbei Street, Pingjiang District|0512-6757 5666
Updated on Apr 16

Founded in 1960 and originally located in the national historiclandmark, Zhong Wang Fu palace complex, Suzhou Museum has been ahighly-regarded regional mus...

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Suzhou-Silk City is a book compiled by the Information Office of Suzhou Municipal People's Government and published by Foreign Languages Press Co. Ltd. Suzhou, though associated with classical gardens, is even more the city of silk. The peaks and troughs experienced in Suzhou’s silk making and embroidery worlds are an important aspect of the enduring brilliance of China’s silk art.

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