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Taicang Modern Agricultural Zone

Tonggang Road, Yuewang Town, Taicang
Updated on Apr 3

Taicang Modern Agriculture Zone consists of a 6,000-square-meter demo pavilion, a 4,600-square-meter horticulture pavilion, a rose garden, a rosa chinensis...

Suzhou Ferris Wheel Park

268 Wangdun Road, SIP|0512-62373737
Updated on Aug 14

The park has China’s largest Ferris wheel over water. It is 120 meters high with 60 Swiss-made passenger cabins. There is a giant LED display screen, 3,000...

Tongjing Park

No.1 Tongjing South Road,Canglang District
Updated on Jun 6

It is a free park with amusement programs for children. Many children like playing here. At weekends, it is a good place to fly a kite or go skating.

North Half Garden (Bei Banyuan)

60 Baita Road E., Pingjiang District, Suzhou|0512-6522 5756
Updated on Jun 6

Built in the Qing Dynasty, North Half Garden has a garden in the east and houses in the west. The pavilion with double eaves is unique in Suzhou.

Peonica Garden

Suhongjichang Road, Nangang District, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan, Suzhou|0512-5742 5073
Updated on Jun 6

Located near Suhongjichang Road, Peonica Garden occupies 103 hectares and is full of trees and flowers. It features 25 scenic spots, such as Rose Garden an...

Luzhi Town Scenic Area

Luzhi Town, Suzhou|0512-6501 1925
Updated on Jun 6

Twenty-five kilometers from Suzhou, Luzhi Old Town is truly a peaceful and pristine place with beautiful water, elegant stone bridges, and precious culture...

Quiet Reflection Garden (Jingsi Garden)

Tongli Town, Suzhou|0512-6333 1140
Updated on Jun 6

Jingsi Garden (Quiet Reflection Garden) is a national 4A scenic area about 3 kilometers from the ancient water town of Tongli. Built by the entrepreneur Ch...

Tongli Town Scenic Area

Tongli Town, Suzhou|0512-6333 1140
Updated on Jun 6

Tongli Town Scenic Area is 27 kilometers from Suzhou City. With canals crisscrossing the town, it is known as the “The Oriental Venice” and “The Natural Ph...

Mudu Town Scenic Area

Mudu Town, Suzhou|0512-6656 1218
Updated on Jun 6

Located in the southwest of Suzhou City, Mudu Town Scenic Area is a National 4A scenic area with gardens, mountains and rocks.
Mudu town is a famous cu...

Yiyuan Garden (The Garden of Pleasure)

1256 Renmin Road, Suzhou|0512-6524 9317
Updated on Jun 6

Established in the Qing Dynasty, somewhat later than other gardens in Suzhou, Yiyuan Garden displays the features of a double corridor, couple hall, rocker...

Tingfeng Garden

1 Qingyuanfang, Suzhou|0512-6522 5575
Updated on Jun 6

Tingfeng Garden used to be a small residence for officials at the end of the Qing Dynasty. With many old maple trees in the garden, it was named Tingfeng G...

Quyuan Garden

43 Mayike Lane, Renmin Road, Suzhou|0512-6522 1406
Updated on Jun 6

Established in Qing Dynasty, Quyuan Garden was the residence of Yu Yue, a great scholar at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Yu helped design the garden. One ...

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