Suzhou turns water conservancy projects into tourist attractions

Jan 31, 2019|By

In recent years, Suzhou has taken advantage of its water conservancy projects to develop them into tourist attractions.

Suzhou hangs Spring Festival couplets on nine city gates

Jan 31, 2019|By

A pair of couplets, written by famous artist and calligrapher Yan Gongda, were hung on Xumen Gate in Suzhou City on January 29.

Suzhou Chinese Orchestra debuts in Italy

Jan 30, 2019|By

The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra made its debut at the Teatro Sociale in Como to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival in Italy on Jan 24.

China's first whitepaper on AI-related IP rights released in SIP

Jan 30, 2019|By Suzhou Industrial Park

The 2018 Chinese Whitepaper on AI-related Intellectual Property Rights and Data-related Rights was released in SIP on Jan 24.

Suzhou to gradually phase out fuel buses

Jan 30, 2019|By

By the end of next year, buses that run on fuel will no longer be used in main city area of Suzhou.

88 financial projects worth $9.9b inked in Zhangjiagang

Jan 29, 2019|By

A total of 88 financial projects worth $9.9 billion were inked in Zhangjiagang to promote cooperation between companies and banks.

Suzhou ranks among China's top 10 tourism cities

Jan 28, 2019|By

Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province was named one of top ten Chinese cities in terms of tourism impacts, according to a report released by the 2019 China Tourism Industry ...

Swiss Ambassador to China visits SIP

Jan 28, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Swiss Ambassador to China, and his contingent paid a visit to SIP on Jan 21.

Exhibition shows new development of intangible cultural heritage in Suzhou

Jan 25, 2019|By

The exhibition, supported by an association in the city's Gusu District to protect intangible cultural heritage, revealed the profound cultural and historical ...

Projects to promote Sino-Indonesian cooperation

Jan 25, 2019|By

Suzhou Industrial Park and Sinar Mas Group of Indonesia signed a cooperation agreement on APP Science & Technology Park and a Memorandum of Understanding on the ...

Awards Ceremony of International "Youth Painting"

Jan 24, 2019|By iCitySuzhou

The Awards Ceremony of the 2nd Jiangsu International Youth Painting Contest will be held in Suzhou on January 26.

Beijing-based service robot developer opens branch in SIP

Jan 24, 2019|By Suzhou Industrial Park

Yunji Technology inaugurated its fifth branch nationwide in SIP on Jan 22.

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