Ongoing: Keith Haring Maze Suzhou

Apr 4, 2019

Keith Haring Maze Suzhou, legendary American pop artist and social activist Keith Haring's exhibition tour, opened at Suzhou Center, Suzhou Industrial Park on April 2.

Exhibition sheds light on Suzhou's lifestyle

Apr 3, 2019|By

An exhibition to showcase the lifestyles in Suzhou City opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center recently.

Three Su embroidery works collected by National Art Museum of China

Apr 3, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

3 works by embroidery masters from Zhenhu town, the home of Chinese embroidery, have been permanently collected by the National Art Museum of China.

Pear flowers in full bloom in Shushan Village

Apr 2, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

Pear flowers are blooming in Shushan Village of Suzhou High-tech Zone and this weekend will be the perfect time to admire the beauty of them.

Suzhou to open Venture Week for International Elites in July

Apr 2, 2019|By

The 11th Venture Week for International Elites will get underway in the Jiangsu industrial powerhouse of Suzhou from July 10 to 12.

Draw spring in Zhuangyuan House

Apr 1, 2019|By iSuzhou

"Draw spring in Zhuangyuan House" acrylic painting experience activity was held in the iSuzhou Coffee Shop of Zhuangyuan Museum on March 31.

College students learning ancient Biluochun tea-making techniques

Apr 1, 2019|By

Ahead of the Qingming Festival, which also marks the peak season of production and sales of Biluochun tea produced from Dongting Mountain in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, ...

Tourist Destination Wedding Expo kicks off in Suzhou

Mar 29, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

?The first China (Suzhou) Tourist Destination Wedding Expo kicked off at the Taihu National Tourist Resort on Mar. 26.

Another footpath in SIP to open soon

Mar 29, 2019|By Suzhou Industrial Park

Lou River Footpath, a public facility of similar kind in SIP, is set to open to the public at the end of this month.

Suzhou starts first truck freight to Southeast Asia

Mar 28, 2019|By

Products from Suzhou and neighboring areas are expected to reach Southeast Asian countries directly and quickly in the future after the first truck freight left the city ...

Pear Blossom Tourism Culture Festival takes place in SND

Mar 28, 2019|By

The 2019 Suzhou Shushan Pear Blossom Tourism Culture Festival was held in Shushan, a village in Tong'an town, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu province, on March 22.

Suzhou Industrial Park rolls out 3-year plan

Mar 27, 2019|By

Suzhou Industrial Park, one of China's leading economic and technological development zones, held the 2019 Science and Technology Innovation Work Conference on March 25.

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