Little bookworms discover the joys of a library

Jul 24, 2012|By Pan Zheng

Suzhou Library yesterday hosted more than 50 children on a one-day visit. The children, now on school holidays, were shown how a library operates and what services it ...

Calling all seniors: Don't get lost

Jul 24, 2012|By Pan Zheng

The Xuhong Community in Canglang District of Suzhou designed an "SOS emergency calling device" especially for older residents. The incidence of older people getting ...

Hybrid bus to help cut urban pollution

Jul 23, 2012|By Pan Zheng

A Suzhou hybrid electric bus equipped with a newly invented disc-type motor completed a 100-kilometer test run on July 21. The hybrid electric bus has been under test ...

International medicine a growing presence in Shanghai

Jul 23, 2012|By Cai Wenjun and Li Jun

MOTHER-TO-BE Echo Zhang inspected several hospitals before deciding to have her baby at Shanghai United Family Hospitals and Clinics, a US-China joint venture hospital ...

Adidas denies closure of factory linked to pay rise

Jul 23, 2012|By Xinhua News Agency

ADIDAS confirmed yesterday that it will close its only company-owned factory in China, signaling a strategic transition by the German sportswear giant to fully ...

Man, 70, found in historic photos

Jul 20, 2012|By Yang Jian

RAYMOND Lum, 70, gazed at a portrait of himself taken on his fifth birthday by a Jewish photographer in Shanghai in 1947. "I can still remember the day when my grandma ...

JP Morgan Chase opens 7th bank in China

Jul 20, 2012|By Pan Zheng

JP MORGAN Chase Bank (China) Co Ltd, the firm's locally incorporated bank in China, today announced the official opening of its Suzhou branch, the bank's seventh branch ...

Students learn about heritage protection first-hand

Jul 20, 2012|By Pan Zheng

Suzhou students participating in an international summer camp visited the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ...

Shanghai to hike car expenses to solve congestion woes

Jul 20, 2012|By Dong Zhen

MANY Shanghai residents complain about the rocketing auction prices for a local private car plate but they now have more reasons to feel pressured. The city government ...

Pandas keep cool on a hot Suzhou day

Jul 19, 2012|By Pan Zheng

Suzhou Taihu Lake Wetland Park has taken measures to prevent panda sunstroke at its wildlife facilities. Two panda sisters, who come from the mountains of Sichuan ...

Clearer waters, bigger crabs

Jul 19, 2012|By Pan Zheng

The famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs may be bigger this year after ecological measures were adopted by Suzhou crab breeders to improve the water quality of the lake. ...

Field trip promotes environmental protection

Jul 18, 2012|By Pan Zheng

A research group from the Nanmen Community, New Suzhou Normal Primary School and Suzhou College of Science held a one-day field trip in Suzhou yesterday to promote ...

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