Experience Suzhou's first subway this week

Apr 10, 2012|By Pan Zheng

The "Experience Week" for Suzhou Metro Line 1 opened up on April 9, and about 10,000 Suzhou citizens will be invited to take the Metro Line 1 train during this ...

A Day of Run and Fun in Suzhou

Apr 8, 2012|By Fu Yao

The third annual Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon drew 12,369 runners today along a scenic lake course in the Suzhou Industrial Park. About 3,027 participants ran the ...

Returning to their roots

Apr 6, 2012|By Fu Yao

DESCENDANTS of forced emigrants worship their ancestors in traditional costumes at the opening ceremony of the Changmen Ancestral Memorial. The Changmen Ancestral ...

Ticket prices for Metro test run published

Apr 5, 2012|By Pan Zheng

Suzhou Municipal People's Government today published subway ticket prices ahead of its April 28 test run ?– with prices ranging from 2 to 6 yuan (95 US cents)depending ...

A Festival of Fine Food & Fun

Apr 5, 2012|By Vanessa Wang

SUZHOU residents and tourists have a great chance to feast their mouths these days at the fourth Suzhou Gourmet Festival presently hosted at the Xuanmiao Temple Square ...

City to go dark for tonight's Earth Hour

Mar 31, 2012|By Li Jiaohao

LANDSCAPING lights in Suzhou will be switched off for an hour tonight as part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about climate change and environmental ...

Tulips blooming happy with spring

Mar 28, 2012|By Pan Zheng

A grand activity of flower appreciation themed "Flowers for All Seasons" will open up in China Flowers Botanical Garden in Suzhou on April 1, as more than 100,000 tulips ...

Suzhou ready for Tomb Sweeping rail traffic boom

Mar 27, 2012|By Pan Zheng

MORE than 391,000 passengers are expected to travel in and out of Suzhou's regions by rail from April 1 to 4 during the Qingming Festival, according to the Suzhou ...

Services sufficiently cater for expats

Mar 22, 2012

Suzhou is not a metropolis that provides global shopping indulgences or, endless nightlife. However, most international residents and tourists feel comfortable with this ...

Family race added to 2012 Suzhou Half Marathon

Mar 21, 2012|By Pan Zheng

THE Third Tour de Jinji Lake – 2012 Suzhou Half Marathon will start on April 8 at 9am with a new "family race" event added into the competition, allowing children to ...

Projects to help Wuzhong gain 5A tourist site status

Mar 20, 2012|By Pan Zheng

SEVERAL tourist service networks will be established in Wuzhong and Taihu Lake by the end of this year to raise these areas to national 5A tourist sites. The new ...

New rules for Suzhou Metro to be enforced next month

Mar 15, 2012|By Pan Zheng

PASSENGERS of Suzhou Metro Lines should not smoke, eat or lie down in the train, according to the Rules of Suzhou Metro Line Passengers published by Suzhou ...

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