Enjoying spring flowers at Dayang Hill

Mar 22, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

The 2019 Dayang Hill Flora Festival & the 1st Azalea Festival kicked off in the Dayang Hill National Forest Park on Mar. 20.

When Taiwan music meets Jiangnan sizhu

Mar 22, 2019|By

The Amorous Taiwan concert is destined to be a charming night for cross-Straits music lovers.

Spring tea of Biluochun enters harvest season

Mar 21, 2019|By

The first batch of the Biluochun tea was harvested and fried at Lanyipin tea garden in Suzhou, March 20.

Suzhou music festival draws big names

Mar 20, 2019|By

The Taihu Midi Music Festival will be held from May 3 to 5 in Suzhou.

The Hundred Flowers Festival held in Shantang Street

Mar 20, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

The Baihua Festival (or the Hundred Flowers Festival) was held in Shantang Street on Mar. 18.

Nanjing University plans new campus in Suzhou

Mar 19, 2019|By

Nanjing University and the Suzhou Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement on March 16.

Admire exquisite Chinese handicrafts in SND

Mar 19, 2019|By

An exhibition showcasing exquisite Chinese artworks was inaugurated at the China Embroidery Museum in Suzhou New District.

Suzhou aiming for further regional integration

Mar 18, 2019|By China Daily

Suzhou will devote more effort to further opening up and better serving the national strategy of integrating the Yangtze River Delta region.

Pic story of Suzhou embroidery master

Mar 18, 2019|By

In 2015 Fu Xianghong was appointed as a representative master of Suzhou embroidery, which was listed as one of Suzhou's intangible heritages.

Suzhou New District pilots 5G technology

Mar 15, 2019|By

Suzhou New District (SND) in Jiangsu province has piloted 5G technology at the district's Technology Building, according to local media.

US students embrace Chinese culture in Suzhou

Mar 15, 2019|By

16 primary school students from Oregon, the United States learned about intangible cultural heritages at the Suzhou Experimental Primary School in Suzhou City.

Japanese firm seeks further development in SND

Mar 15, 2019|By

Suzhou New District is home to more than 540 Japanese companies with a total investment of $7 billion.

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