Kunqu opera "Returning Home on a Snowy Night" staged at NCPA

Mar 14, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

On the evening of Mar. 12, the modern Kunqu opera "Returning Home on a Snowy Night" (Feng Xue Ye Gui Ren) produced by Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre was staged at the ...

Enjoy delicious pot-stewed duck in Taicang

Mar 13, 2019|By

It's the pot-stewed duck made by the restaurant's owners Xu Honglin and Su Jiang that has such a delicious smell.

Baby zebra born in Shangfangshan Forest Animal World

Mar 13, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

A zebra couple are taking care of their 1-week-old baby in Suzhou Shangfangshan Forest Animal World.

Jinji Lake marathon designated as CAA Gold Label Road Race

Mar 13, 2019|By Suzhou Daily

On the morning of Mar. 11, the China Athletics Association (CAA) held a press conference, releasing its annual marathon report and announced the results of its 2018 ...

Run for love!The 10th Jinji Lake International Half Marathon

Mar 12, 2019|By iSuzhou

The annual Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon was held in the morning of March 10.

Over 300 companies patriciate in Suzhou tourism exhibition

Mar 12, 2019

The Suzhou International Tourism Exhibition opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center on March 9.

Experiencing the charm of Flower arrangement & Chinese knot button

Mar 11, 2019|By iSuzhou

The Flower arrangement & Chinese knot button experience activity for the International Working Women's Day was held in the iSuzhou Coffee Shop of Zhuangyuan Museum on ...

Suzhou firm eyes advanced modular data centers

Mar 11, 2019|By

A Suzhou New District-based company will develop modular data centers in collaboration with GIGA Data Centers, a global leading data center operator, local media ...

Suzhou is about to add two new museums

Mar 8, 2019|By iSuzhou

Suzhou Museum West Hall and Wuzhong Museum is coming!

Young French and Taicang entrepreneurs share business experience

Mar 8, 2019|By

Some 15 young entrepreneurs from France recently visited Taicang, according to local media.

Suzhou opens Jiangsu's first 5G metro station

Mar 7, 2019|By

The Dongfangzhimen (Oriental Gate) Station of Suzhou Metro Line 1 became the first in Jiangsu Province to offer 5G services.

Private economy in Taicang posts steady growth

Mar 7, 2019|By

The private economy in Taicang posted steady growth in 2018, data from Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Taicang show.

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