The 4th UWC Chinese Culture Evening

Feb 2, 2019|By iSuzhou

To the north of the beautiful kuncheng lake in Changshu,there is a small "United Nations"-UWC Changshu China. This highschool attracted more than 100 countries and more than 500 talent people. There are 17 UWC schools and colleges around the world. Each school,college and programme has a distinct identity and expresses the UWC mission in a way that reflects its location,local culture and resources. UWC Changshu China not only reflects the characteristics of jiangnan water town in campus style, but also integrates local culture everywhere in campus culture. On the evening of January 25, the 4th UWC Chinese Culture Evening had been held successfully. 


The young boys and girls from all over the world with different nationalities, different colors and different languages uphold the purpose of promoting Chinese culture.They gave the audience a lively and innovative party with the same enthusiasm and love. But it is different from the previous year and more highlights the pursuit of "convergence", in the content and form of the traditional inject vitality and it gives more creative. Just as that Mrs Li Ping, the vice priciple said:"This year, CCE not only adheres to the integration of China and foreign countries, but also takes the initiative to promote the integration of school and city; And it embodies the integration of the past and the present, the integration of the north and the south; It shows the integration of young and old, family joy."

In addition, there are Peking Opera,"Fengyang flower drum" by Chinese and foreign students, Ballet combines modern dance to interpret the game between Yin and Yang in China, Xiang Sheng,a guitar solo and a children's poem "Feng Qiao Ye Bo.",A jazz version of the yao dance and so on.In such an internationally diverse campus, on the CCE stage,the fusion of chinese and western cultures catch people's eyes! Also through this unique party to send New Year wishes to the world!

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