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204 Dongbei Street, Pingjiang District
0512-6757 5666
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Founded in 1960 and originally located in the national historiclandmark, Zhong Wang Fu palace complex, Suzhou Museum has been ahighly-regarded regional museum with a number of significantChinese cultural relics.The design of this new museum visually complements thetraditional architecture of Zhong Wang Fu. The new museum housesover 30000 cultural relics --- most notably for excavatedartifacts, Ming and Qing Dynasty paintings and calligraphy, andancient arts and crafts.

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Exhibition | Dream of a State: Jade and Proto

Jun 18 - Aug 18 | Suzhou Museum | free

The exhibition opened On June 18 and will last until August 18, except every Monday.
The exhibition displays nearly 300 jades and proto-porcelain wares to showcase the unusual days in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States p...

Collection of Pan Family from Suzhou in the Qing Dinasty

Dec 15 - Mar 17 | Suzhou Museum | free

An exhibition to display 88 works collected by Pan Family from Suzhou in the Qing Dinasty, including bronzes, pottery, paintings, ancient books, rubbings , etc.

Yu Han (Shao Fan)'s Exhibition ‘You’

Nov 10 - Jan 13 | Suzhou Museum | free

Shao Fan, also known by the name of Yu Han, is one of the contemporary Chinese artists known for his intriguing, achromatic oil paintings of animals and exploration of the boundaries between visual art and design.

Exhibition of Gu Zhihao's Rosewood Furniture Art

Oct 27 - Dec 12 | Suzhou Museum | free

The exhibition will showcase artist Gu Zhihao’s Suzhou-style rosewood furniture which combines carving, inlaying, gold-painting and other exquisite skills.

Exhibition of Japanese Baskets

Sep 22 - Nov 18 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will showcase 69 Japanese bamboo weaving works selected from the collection of Asian Art Music of San Francisco. These bamboo baskets created by Japanese weaving masters were all collected by Mr Lloyd Cotsen since 1950s.

Lu Junzhou’s Solo Exhibition “Parallelisms”

Aug 19 - Oct 21 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will display over 30 artworks by calligrapher Lu Junzhou. Lu ‘s works showcase the structure of Chinese characters and changes from traditional to contemporary aesthetic standards of calligraphy.

Suzhou Handicrafts, Work of Nature: Zhong Jinde’s Wood Carving Art Exhibition

Sep 5 - Oct 10 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will feature wood carving master’s art works including "Holiness" and "Ode to Tea" which were denoted by Zhong to Suzhou Museum. Born in the Suzhou old town Guangfu, Zhong has been devoted to wood carving art for 40 years and...

Exhibition ‘Selected Calligraphies from the Suzhou Museum’

Jun 15 - Sep 2 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition selects works by more than 30 excellent calligraphers including Qian Liangyou from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Shen Zhou, Zhu Yunming, Xu Wei and Wang Duo from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and Zheng Fu in the Qing Dynasty ...

Educational Exhibition of Wu School Painting

Jun 29 - Aug 26 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition targeting youth audiences will offer an artful cultural experience themed in the culture of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), especially Wu School calligraphy and painting works by Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Tang Yin and Qiu Ying....

Embroidery Exhibition of Zhou Haiyun

Mar 22 - May 20 | Suzhou Museum |

Zhou Haiyun is a well-known embroider from Suzhou. She began to learn embroidery at the age of seven. Zhou created unique embroidery techniques on the basis of traditional skills. The technique of her own is fit for depicting flora and back...

Exhibition “Collections of the Wu Family from Suzhou in the Qing Dynasty”

Dec 16 - Mar 11 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will feature a wide range of collection by Wu family in the Qing Dynasty, including Chinese painting and calligraphy works, stone inscriptions and metal and stone wares.

Splendid Creation of Nature: Yu Fei’an’s Art Exhibition

Dec 30 - Mar 4 | Suzhou Museum |

Yu Fei’an (1889-1959) was a master of elaborate and realistic painting of birds and flowers. The exhibition will showcase dozens of Yu’s creations collected and preserved by Beijing Painting Academy.

Auspicious Omens— Yan Xiaojing Solo Exhibition

Jan 20 - Mar 4 | Suzhou Museum |

Xiaojing Yan is a contemporary Chinese Canadian artist, who is known for her sculpture installations that explore Chinese mythology and the intersections of the natural and cultural worlds.

Qu Lijun’s Jade Carving Art Exhibition

Sep 29 - Jan 17 | Suzhou Museum |

Suzhou artist Qu Lijun’s smart jade carving works are not limited to traditional skills. Qu’s study of Chinese painting and micro-craving makes him capable of presenting the beauty of jade through creative art expression

Fantasies on Paper Enchantments in Gold -- Solo Exhibition by Li Huayi

Sep 27 - Dec 17 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will showcase 18 paintings by Chinese painting master Li Huayi, including the "Monumental Landscapes" series, the "Water Scenes" series, the "Multiple Screens Installation" series and the latest "Gilded Screen" series.

Selected Hanji Exhibition

Sep 21 - Nov 26 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition jointly held by Korean Chonju State Museum and Suzhou Museum tells the history of Hanji, the traditional handmade paper of Korea. The exhibition will showcase 106 pieces of Hanji exhibits, including paper fans, painting and c...

Exhibition “Selected Works of Yangzhou Painting School & Shanghai Painting School”

Oct 17 - Nov 17 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition will feature works of Yangzhou Painting School and Shanghai Painting School which took important positions in history of Chinese painting. Shanghai Painting School inherited from Yangzhou Painting School. Audiences can detect...

Art of fan making shown at Suzhou Museum

Aug 8 - Sep 22 | Suzhou Museum |

More than 100 folding fans and fan-making tools and materials are on exhibit at Suzhou Museum. They are provided by Wang Jian, a master artist in fan making. The exhibition is held by the Suzhou Administration of Intangible Cultural Herit...

Exhibition “Qi Lan Yin Zhaoyang: the Towering Songshan Mountains”

Jul 29 - Sep 17 | Suzhou Museum |

The Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain of the Songshan Mountains are the most complicated and complete “ancient geological museums,” which were scarcely approached by the literati painters in the Ming and Qing dynasties or by the contempo...

Exhibition “Bronze of Wu, Yue and Chu States”

Jul 28 - Sep 3 | Suzhou Museum |

An exhibition featuring bronze wares dating from Wu, Yue and Chu states will be held at Suzhou Museum from June 28 to September 3. More than 100 ancient artifacts made between 770 BC and 221 BC will be shown in the Spring and Autumn Gallery...

Exhibition ‘Gold and Jade Wares’

Apr 3 - Jul 4 | Suzhou Museum |

The exhibition displays precious artifacts excavated from the tombs of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) vassals in today’s Jiangxi Province.

Landscape Paintings from Ming-Qing Period

Mar 17 - Jun 18 | Suzhou Museum |

Suzhou Museum is exhibiting its collection of landscape paintings created in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. They represent different schools such as Songjiang, Xin’an and Yimin schools of painting.

Pan Gongkai’s Paintings and Designs

Mar 26 - May 23 | Suzhou Museum |

Chinese master painter Pan Gongkai is showing his ink paintings, art installations and fusion designs at Suzhou Museum as a summary of his research and reflections on modern art.

Guoyun Lou collections on display at Suzhou Museum

Dec 13 - Mar 12 | Suzhou Museum |

A three-month art exhibition featuring collections of the Gu Family kicked off yesterday at Suzhou Museum. The exhibition features 84 artworks collected by the Gu family in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and now preserved at nine cultural org...

Renaissance drawings from British Museum

Oct 16 - Jan 5 | Suzhou Museum | Free

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Suzhou Museum moving to its new site, the British Museum will loan 50 drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello and other Renaissance artists to Suzhou Museum. Many of the exhibits will ...

Suzhou-made antiques from Palace Museum

Aug 12 - Nov 13 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Suzhou Museum is displaying 86 sets of antiques made in Suzhou during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing. The 101 exquisite art pieces include jade, ivory and horn carvings, ink slabs and lacqu...

Yao Huifen’s Embroidery on Exhibit

Aug 20 - Nov 6 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Yao Huifen is the fourth generation of the inheritors of Shen Shou, a renowned embroidery master of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). She has inherited the skills and is good at making portraits and “Chinese paintings” in silk embroidery.

Paintings from Ming and Qing dynasties

Jul 13 - Sep 25 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Landscape ink paintings done by artists of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties are on exhibit at Suzhou Museum. All these pieces are collected by the museum, including the works of Dong Qichang (1555-1636), famous in landsca...

Gold and silver antiques of Yangtze Delta

Apr 29 - Jul 20 | Suzhou Museum |

Suzhou Museum is exhibiting more than 100 gold and silver artifacts from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, spanning 1,000 years. They are all earthed in the Yangtze Delta region and many are in the collection of museums in Nanjing, H...

Books and rubbings from bygone eras

May 18 - Jun 26 | Suzhou Museum |

More than 100,000 block-printed Chinese books and stone rubbings are in the collection of Suzhou Museum. Some of them were donated by renowned scholars and educators such as Li Genyuan. The museum has selected some books, including handwrit...

Pu Xinyu’s Paintings from Taipei Museum of History

Mar 19 - May 29 | Suzhou Museum |

To commemorate of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Pu Xinyu (1896-1963), Suzhou Museum is displaying 45 paintings by the great artist until May 29. All the exhibits are on loan from Taipei Museum of History.

Works of Suzhou, Guangzhou craftsmen on exhibit

Jan 12 - Apr 10 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Suzhou Museum and Guangzhou Museum boast a vast collection of artworks made by local craftsmen. Every piece is a reflection of Chinese culture and history. The exhibition will display more than 90 ceramic works, ivory carvings, paintings an...

Jade Carvings by Suzhou artist Jiang Xi

Dec 18 - Mar 10 | Suzhou Museum |

Born in 1964, Jiang Xi is famous for his exquisite jade carvings and has garnered many national prizes. He began to learn the craft when he was 17. Suzhou Museum is displaying Jiang’s masterpieces until March 10 next year. Jiang donated two...

Exhibition Salutes Ming Dynasty Painter

Nov 20 - Dec 20 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The Suzhou Museum began to hold special exhibitions on the “Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty” in 2012 and has shown the paintings of Shen Zhou, Wen Huiming and Tang Yin. The upcoming exhibition is dedicated to Qiu Ying. The 34 rare painting...

Painter Xu Lei’s Solo Show

Sep 18 - Dec 13 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Born in 1963, Xu Lei is one of China’s most eminent contemporary painters with a style described as “both noble and passive.” Xu worked at the Jiangsu Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting for many years and is doing creative research at ...

Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

Aug 28 - Oct 11 | Suzhou Museum | Free

It was popular in ancient China, from the Tang to the Ming dynasties (618-1644) to make paintings with mineral pigments, particularly azurite and malachite for their blue and green colors. Many landscape paintings created in those days are ...

Zhuang Nationality Culture Show

Aug 28 - Sep 25 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The ethnic Zhuang Nationality is the second largest nationality in China after Han. About 85 percent of Zhuang people live in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Zhuang people have their unique culture which can be seen in the e...

Rare archaeological finds on exhibit

May 18 - Jun 29 | Suzhou Museum | Free

More than 100 artifacts dating from Neolithic Liangzhu Culture are on exhibit at Suzhou Museum from May 18 to June 29 to mark the International Museum Day. All the jade carvings and ceramic pieces were unearthed in Suzhou and surrounding ar...

Dragons of the Northern Seas

May 20 - Jun 28 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The exhibition displays 44 sets of cultural relics of the Viking Age from the 8th Century to the 11th Century. They are collections of the National Museum of Denmark and several other museums in this small Nordic country.

Feng Zikai’s Cartoons on Exhibit

Feb 1 - Mar 20 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Feng Zikai was a renowned Chinese painter, writer, educator and translator but he was most admired for his simple and yet poignant cartoon drawings. The exhibition will show his masterpieces which depict many aspects of life in the 1930s an...

Painting Exhibition—The Art of Tang Yin

Dec 9 - Mar 8 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Tang Yin, also known as Tang Bohu, was a famous painter and poet in Ming Dynasty. The exhibition will display 48 Tang’s works collected by 14 foreign and domestic museums. It’s a part of the series exhibitions of the well know “Four Scholar...

Ancient bronze weapons on exhibit

Dec 31 - Mar 1 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Bronze weapons forged by craftsmen of the Wu and Yue states more than 2,000 years ago are famous for their quality. The 58 weapons on display are collected by private collectors and have been shown in the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Ta...

Chen Danqing’s Solo Show

Nov 4 - Jan 25 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Chen Danqing, a renowned contemporary Chinese painter, is displaying his latest creations at Suzhou Museum. It is his second solo show in the museum. Chen is good at blending Chinese and Western styles in still-life painting.

Exhibition of Guqin Collected by China Three Gorges Museum

Sep 6 - Nov 30 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Guqin is a seven-stringed plucked instrument played by ancient Chinese. It represents the essence of Chinese culture and classical Chinese music. In 2003 it has been listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The China Three Gorges M...

Crystal and glass artworks from Sweden

May 18 - Aug 24 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Suzhou Museum and Sweden’s South Smaland Museum became sister museums on May 18, the International Museum Day. They are jointly presenting an exhibition called “Light, Fire and Life,” displaying 145 sets of crystal and glass artworks from S...

20th Century Chinese Paintings on View

Apr 25 - Jul 20 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The exhibition is a retro show of Chinese paintings in the 20th century, presenting more than 120 masterpieces by about 90 most eminent artists. The show has two parts. Works created before 1950 will be shown from April 25 to June 8. Works ...

Ming & Qing art works on display

Mar 1 - Jun 27 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Paintings and calligraphic works from the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) are on exhibit in Suzhou Museum. Founded in 1960, the museum has built a large collection of art works from the two dynasties and displays them in series. This is...

Valued Pieces of Tea Services

Mar 4 - Apr 25 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The exhibition explores tea culture in all its subtlety and beauty. Pieces on display are part of collections belonging to either Suzhou Museum or Zhenjiang Museum.

Bei-Tie Images — Exhibition of Huang Yiming’s Works

Mar 1 - Apr 20 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Born in Taiwan in 1952, Huang Yiming has devoted himself to calligraphy and art. He combines the art of calligraphy into his life and also integrates his calligraphy theories into ink-wash painting.

Calligraphy and Paintings by Wu Changshuo

Jan 1 - Feb 28 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Wu Changshuo (1844-1927) was a great master of Chinese painting and the first president of the Xiling Seal Art Society. He was good at painting flowers in vivid freehand style. The show will display about 50 of his works collected by Zhejia...

Concert of Classic Music

Jan 19 - Jan 19 | Suzhou Museum | Free

A chamber music concert featuring the classics of German and Austrian composers will be presented for free. Only 140 seats are available. To secure your seat, please sign up at

Chinese paintings by Wen Zhengming

Nov 12 - Jan 15 | Suzhou Museum | free

Wen Zhengming, a Ming Dynasty artist, developed the Wushan style of painting. About 80 of his works will be displayed in the Suzhou Museum, along with a map of Suzhou during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and pictures of Wen’s former residenc...


Nov 2 - Dec 20 | Suzhou Museum | free

Paintings by Canadian artist Dominic Besner will be shown at the Suzhou Museum next month and December. His 17 works reveal the unique visions and perceptions of a talented young artist.  Besner’s art works had been  shown  a...

Artifacts from Zhou Dynasty

Jul 9 - Oct 7 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Zhou Dynasty (1064-256 BC) relics unearthed in Liangdai Village, Shanxi Province will be shown at the Suzhou Museum, after their exhibition at the Shanghai Museum in 2012. The artifacts made in gold, bronze and jade illustrate the remarkabl...

Solo Show of Liu Haisu

Jul 16 - Sep 1 | Suzhou Museum | Free

The solo show of Liu Haisu, a famous Chinese painting artist, is on display at Suzhou Museum from now to September 1. Liu Haisu (1896-1994), was known as an outstanding modern painters and art educator. He learned oil painting in his earl...

Liu Dan’s Rock Paintings

May 5 - Jul 10 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Liu Dan, ink-and-wash painter born in 1953 in Nanjing, studied at Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Painting from 1978 to 1981 and lived in New York for many years until 2005 when he moved to Beijing. Liu is known for his unique and exquisite pain...

Treasures from He Cheng

Apr 26 - Jun 30 | Suzhou Museum | free

He Cheng was a Chinese revolutionary who joined the 1911 Revolution led by Dr Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and found the Republic of China. After the revolution, he retired in Suzhou and became an antique collect...

Ink paintings by He Xi

Mar 6 - Apr 21 | Suzhou Museum | Free

He Xi studied traditional Chinese painting in Shanghai and Hangzhou

Retrospect Of Dynasty--Experiencing the Period of Wanli

Jan 19 - Apr 14 | Suzhou Museum | Free

More than 100 Ming Dynasty ceramics, jade carvings, metal ornaments and silk fabrics from the era of Emperor Wanli (1573-1620) are on display at Suzhou Museum. They are on loan from the Beijing Capital Museum. Artisans and craftsmen during ...

Art of Zhang Guangyu

Dec 25 - Feb 24 | Suzhou Museum | Free

A time-hornored comic artist of China, Zhang Guangyu is bringing more than 130 pieces of his works to Suzhou Museum in portraits, watercolor painting, comic, book illustration, advert design, callendar, and many amazing commercial-purposed ...

As Bright as the Moon: Works from Leng Hong

Oct 16 - Dec 20 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Suzhou Museum brings out another solo exhibition of an outstanding Chinese artist. Leng Hong, raised in China and cultured in a variety of art background across the world, presents his understanding of art by eliminating all the distinguish...

A Special Exhibition of Snuff Bottles from Robert Chang's Collection

Apr 5 - Sep 9 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Snuff bottle (a balm-size tobacco container) collection is a common pastime of Chinese rich people as most of the bottles are incredibly ornate and made from precious materials including porcelain, jade, ivory, wood, tortoiseshell, metal, c...

Art from Ian Boyden

Jul 6 - Jul 31 | Suzhou Museum | Free

Ian Boyden, founder of Crab Quill Press, painter, writer and expert on East Asian aesthetics, brings his master pieces to Suzhou Museum where his paintings, books and photographs are on display. Boyden’s art encompasses a wide range of gen...

Flowers and Trees from Zhu Danian

May 26 - Jun 24 | Suzhou Museum | Free

An exhibition featuring the art works of Zhu Danian (1916-1995), a contemporary mural and ceramic painter in China, will be held in the Suzhou Museum from May 26 to June 24. Zhu was a master in porcelain painting, best known for his ornate ...

Bamboos from Shan Fan

Apr 5 - May 20 | Suzhou Museum | free

For three decades, bamboo painting has been part of the everyday life of the artist Shan Fan (born in 1959 in Hangzhou), who is Dean of Design Factory International, College of Communication Art and New Media. He became familiar with the te...

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