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2075, Renmin Road, Pingjiang District
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Suzhou Art Museum is built in the traditional style of civilian residences in Suzhou in 2010. Featuring seven pavilions and occupying 3,000 square meters, the museum possesses multi-functional lecture rooms and thermostatic and humidistat-fitted warehouses that can meet the needs of different kinds of exhibitions, academic exchanges and reservation for works of art.

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Related events
Exhibition|New Year woodcut paintings

Jan 15 - Feb 24 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Taohuawu in East China’s Suzhou City and Yangliuqing in North China’s Tianjin have been known as two leading bases of traditional Chine New Year woodcut paintings. The exhibition displayed 71 paintings from the two places and they were made...

Le Corbusier|The Symphony of Colours

Jan 10 - Feb 17 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Le Corbusier was a French-Swiss architect who enjoyed a high reputation throughout the world in the 20th century.He created as early as a century ago various architectural forms that we see today. La Corbusier is also an outstanding designe...

Yan Wenliang Documentary Exhibition

Nov 20 - Jan 1 | Suzhou Art Museum |

A documentary exhibition opened yesterday at Suzhou Art Museum to showcase outstanding achievements of renowned Chinese painter and art educator Yan Wenliang. The exhibition is a part of the celebration events of the 90th anniversary of S...

The 2017 Yangtze Delta Oil Painting Exhibition

May 23 - Jun 23 | Suzhou Art Museum |

The 2017 Yangtze Delta Oil Painting Exhibition will be held at Suzhou Art Museum from May 23 to June 23. The sponsors are the China Oil Painting Society, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, and the Suzhou Municipal People’s Govern...

Art Show ‘Suzhou Documenta’

Aug 21 - Oct 20 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

"Suzhou Documenta” is a large-scale contemporary art show held simultaneously at Suzhou Art Museum and five other venues in the city. It presents works of more than 40 artists from China, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Ind...

Beauty of Jiangnan Oil Painting Exhibition

May 23 - Jun 23 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Suzhou will hold an exhibition of oil paintings depicting the scenery and life in the Yangtze River Delta next year and work has started to select exhibits from round the world. “Beauty of Jiangnan” Oil Painting Exhibition is co-organized ...

Yan Wenliang, the master painter

Oct 21 - May 21 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Yan Wenliang (1893-1988), a Chinese pioneer in oil painting and fine arts education, is well known for combining Western oil painting with Chinese ink painting in creation. He founded the Suzhou Art School in 1927. The exhibition presents 4...

Ink paintings by Zhou Jumin

Dec 31 - Jan 25 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Zhou Jumin is the fourth president of Suzhou Academy of Chinese Painting. The exhibition is displaying his 71 works in five series, portraits of historical figures in China before 1949, portraits of contemporary personalities, sketches of I...

Ma Weiding’s Solo Art Show

Oct 15 - Oct 21 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Ma Weiding, a Nanjing artist now recruited by the Second Artillery Force of the People’s Liberation Army, is exhibiting 50 of his Chinese paintings and calligraphic pieces at Suzhou Art Museum.

Works of master calligraphers on display

Aug 21 - Aug 31 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Suzhou Art Museum will exhibit 101 masterpieces by well-known calligraphers in nine Chinese cities. They represent different styles from regular script to official script, running script and cursive script.

Exhibition of Six Suzhou Painters

Aug 7 - Aug 17 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

The exhibition displays nearly 100 recent works by six artists of Suzhou Chinese Painting Academy. The ink-and-wash pieces show their understanding of traditional Chinese painting and their creative exploration of the art form as well as in...

Exhibition of Water Colors

Jul 24 - Aug 3 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Suzhou Art Museum will display 100 water colors by 38 artists from 13 countries and regions including Austria, Singapore and Malaysia. Their paintings show their creative styles and individual expressions.

The Blend: Academic and Modern Art Show

Jun 25 - Jul 20 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

The exhibition presents more than 100 oil paintings in three sections – paintings by academic masters of Jiangsu Province, works of contemporary avant-garde artists, and masterpieces of painters from Nanjing Fangshan Artist Camp.

Calligraphy of Late Ming Dynasty

May 29 - Jun 8 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

The exhibition presents 79 authentic works of famous calligraphers of the late Ming Dynasty for the first time in Suzhou, including Huang Daozhou, Wang Duo, Ni Yuanlu and Dong Qichang.

Calligraphies by Li Dapeng, Xi Nai’an

May 21 - May 25 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Li Dapeng is the president of Suzhou Calligraphy & Painting Gallery and a member of the China Calligraphers’ Association. He began to hone his calligraphic skill at the age of 16 and has developed his own style. His wife Xi Nai’an is al...

Couple displays oil paintings

Apr 30 - May 18 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Suzhou Art Museum will display 140-plus oil paintings by Zhang Huaqing and his wife Li Huaying, both renowned artists in Jiangsu Province, from April 30 to May 18. Zhang is honorable chairman of Jiangsu Oil Painting Society and has received...

Chinese Paintings by Wu Guannan, Xia Hui

Apr 11 - Apr 25 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Freehand bird-and-flower paintings by Wu Guannan and his student Xia Hui are on display at Suzhou Art Museum until April 25. Their 70-plus paintings show their artistic imitation of nature and good grounding in the styles of old masters suc...

Paintings by Wu Qingxia

Mar 20 - Apr 20 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Wu Qingxia (1910-2008) was a master of traditional Chinese painting, noted for her portrayal of fish, birds and women. She developed her own painting style characterized by smooth line strokes and bright colors. Suzhou Art Museum will displ...

Chen Xiangbo’s solo painting show

Apr 2 - Apr 20 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Chinese painter Chen Xiangbo is having a solo show at Suzhou Art Museum, displaying 68 of his masterpieces. A native of Hunan Province, Chen graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 with a major in traditional Chinese painting...

Chinese Paintings by Four Artists

Jan 8 - Feb 16 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Ma Bole, Liu Maoshan, Xu Yuanshao and Pan Yujue are all famous painters in Suzhou. Their works show the beauty of their hometown and a feeling of homesickness. The show will display 120 paintings from the four artists.

Calligraphy exhibition

Nov 22 - Nov 29 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

“My Favorite Pieces” is the name of an exhibition featuring the masterpieces of Suzhou calligraphers. It is the most important show of Chinese calligraphy in the year.

Suzhou Art Museum Collection Exhibition

Jul 19 - Aug 18 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

More than 80 pieces of Suzhou Art Museum’s top-level collection is on a month-long display. The list includes many big names in China’s contemporary art history.

Feng Jianqi Oil Painting Show

Jun 19 - Jun 23 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Feng Jianqin, a celebrated painter, is exhibiting his oil works at the Suzhou Art Museum until June 23. The 53 paintings were created after his retirement from Nanjing Art Institute. Feng is now director of the Lacquer Painting Committee o...

Oils by students of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

May 18 - Jun 15 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Oil works created between 1992 and 2012 by students of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute are being shown at Suzhou Art Museum until June 15. Most of the paintings are experimental in theme and expression. A seminar and a lecture will be held duri...

Calligraphy and seal carving exhibit

Mar 1 - Mar 3 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Suzhou Art Museum is displaying the works of contemporary calligrapher Wang Guo’an and seal engraver Lin Er. Wang is a member of the Chinese Calligrapher Association and secretary of Suzhou Calligrapher Association with more than 40 years o...

Abstract Art of Li Qingping

Dec 28 - Feb 28 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Born in 1911 in Hubei Province, Li Qingping began to study abstract impressionist painting in 1932 and devoted the rest of her life to modern painting. In 1942 and afterwards, she held solo exhibitions in Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shangha...

Art show features 6 Suzhou artists

Nov 5 - Nov 25 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Paintings and sculptures by six Chinese artists -- Yang Ming, He Wenbin, Zhang Yuying, Zhang Shiying, Zen Yi and Zhang Wei -- are on display at Suzhou Art Museum. Their works belong to different art genres but they are all influenced by the...

'Simply Beautiful’ Art of Dennis Philipoom

Nov 16 - Nov 18 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Dennis Philipoom belongs to the new generation of painters of feeling. His paintings have great expressiveness and distinguish themselves by colour and composition.
The paintings of Dennis Philipoom are well known in the Chinese art worl...

Sketches by Local Artist

Oct 30 - Nov 11 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Sketch pieces by Xue Qiying, a graduate from Suzhou Fine Arts School, are on display at Suzhou Art Museum through Nov. 11. Xue is formerly the dean of the Fine Arts Department of Soochow University. This exhibition marks the 90th anniversar...

Paintings of the New Wu School

Oct 18 - Oct 28 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

The Wu School (Wu Men Hua Pai 吴门画派)is a distinguished school of Chinese painting got acknowledged from the Ming dynasty. ShenZhou, WenZhiMing, Tang Yin, and Qiu Ying, the four intellectuals and scholars original from Suzhou, are representat...

Addiction in Colour

Sep 20 - Oct 10 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Chinese paintings by Wu Jitao are on exhibit at Suzhou Art Museum. Wu studied painting at age 5 under Yan Wenliang, the founder of Suzhou Art Museum. He has won international acclaim in recent years.

Fo Tao’s Calligraphy

Sep 23 - Sep 29 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Internationally acclaimed Chinese calligrapher Fo Tao displays his works in Suzhou Art Museum.

Eerie urban scenes on exhibit

Aug 12 - Aug 31 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

French artist Alan Clement is holding a solo exhibition, his Chinese debut, at Suzhou Art Museum from August 12 to 31. Clement has been painting for more than 40 years and has destroyed most of his works, leaving only a few in private colle...

Chow Su-sing's paintings and calligraphy on display

Jul 17 - Aug 16 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free admission

Professor Johnson Chow Su-sing was born in the city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1923. The land of his birth is home to men of letters and Chow is upheld as a key figure in the heritage of the Wu School of Chinese painting dating back to ...

Paintings of Contemporary Artists from Kunshan

Jul 4 - Jul 22 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

The works of Kunshan artists, including Zhao Zonggai, Mo Quanming, Huo Guoqiang, are on display at Suzhou Art Museum. Kunshan is a historical city that has produced many famous artists, scholars and poets. It has well-preserved old towns an...

Oil Paintings by Chen Yuanchu

Jun 9 - Jun 24 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Nearly 40 oil paintings by Chen Yuanchu will be displayed at Suzhou Art Museum from June 9. Chen’s works are surrealistic in style with a combination of naturalism and collage. They are visually striking and impressive.

Hua Xin Exhibition @ Suzhou Art Museum

Jun 1 - Jun 7 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

Hua xin, literally translated as a letter with only pictures, is an increasingly popular art form flourishing in Japan and China. It is way to encourage kids to communicate their emotions through pictures before they are able to write more ...

Dialogue with Emperor Qin -- Eu and China Sculpture Show

May 15 - May 30 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Thirty sculptures inspired by the terracotta warriors in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, are on display in the Suzhou Art Museum. A sub-event of the 2012 EU-China Year of International Dialogue, the masterpieces were made by 30 sculptors, 27 of wh...

Suzhou gardens in the eye of Hangzhou artists

Apr 20 - May 10 | Suzhou Art Museum | Free

Hangzhou artists are showing their impression of Suzhou gardens in an exhibit in Suzhou Art Museum. The two cities have a lot of similarities, both renowned for their lakes, canals, silk embroidery, architecture, gardening and cuisine. This...

Garden paintings from China's contemporary oil painters

Apr 5 - Apr 15 | Suzhou Art Museum | free

The exhibition displays oil paintings of around 50 pieces from 13 famous Chinese artists. All the paintings are about Suzhou's gardens, which are thought carriers of China's philosophy of balance, humbleness, and low profile. While captured...

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