Suzhou Great Hall of the People

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100 Daoqian Street, Suzhou
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The Suzhou Great Hall of the People can hold 1,200 people and is the biggest conference venue in the city. It also serves as a grand theater for performances. The Suzhou Convention Center which comprises the Suzhou Great Hall of the People, the Convention Center Hotel, and the Central Square is a landmark of Suzhou.

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Taiwan charm-Zheng libin & Suzhou Chinese Orchestra

Mar 15 - Mar 15 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 380/280/180/120/80/50

With a theme of "Taiwan charm", this concert invite Zhanglibin as the conductor, Ouyang xiaoyi, the young flute player, and Wangkaihan, the young lute player, all from Taiwan.

Austrian Strauss Legacy Philharmonic Orchestra New Year Concert

Dec 31 - Dec 31 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-1,080 yuan

Austrian Strauss Legacy Philharmonic Orchestra is an international music group with a long history. It prospered for years in Austria and grew into an outstanding orchestra with about one hundred professional musicians. The orchestra will b...

Austrian Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra New Year Concert

Dec 30 - Dec 30 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-880 yuan

The orchestra coming from Salzburg, the hometown of great Austrian musician Mozart, will present classic works by J.Strauss, G.Rossini, G.Sviridov and other renowned composers to celebrate the coming new year.

Original Musical Theatre ‘Shanghai, the Melody’

Nov 27 - Nov 28 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-580 yuan

The theatre directed by Zhou Xiaoqian and presented by students and teachers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music will feature original chorus and instrumental performances.

Concert ‘Night of Autumn Flowers, River, and Moon’ by Suzhou Chinese Orchestra

Sep 22 - Sep 22 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 50-380 yuan

The concert will feature an integration of modern and Chinese classical music. Zhao Jiping’s Impression of Suzhou, Hao Weiya’s Travel in Suzhou and Zhang Chao’s Ganjiang and Moye will be presented by Suzhou Chinese Orchestra under the baton...

Shi Shucheng’s Piano Recital

Apr 18 - Apr 18 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-880 yuan

Beijing-born pianist Shi Shucheng held his first recital at the age of 16 and went to Germany for advanced studies in 1983. He is one of the composers of the famous piano concerto “The Yellow River.” Shi is now artistic director and conduct...

New Year Concert by Dutch orchestra

Dec 29 - Dec 29 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-980 yuan

Founded in the Netherlands in 1880, the Royal Tulip Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest orchestras in Europe and has entertained many foreign dignitaries and guests of the Dutch royal family. The orchestra is good at both classical musi...

Shen Wenyu’s Solo Concert

Aug 29 - Aug 29 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 100-880 yuan

Shen Wenyu was born in Chongqing and studied the piano in Germany when he was young. He has claimed numerous prizes in international competitions and is considered one of the top three Chinese pianists along with Lang Lang and Li Yundi.

Concert of Limburgs Youth Symphony Orchestra

Jul 25 - Jul 25 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 80-880 yuan

Limburgs Youth Symphony Orchestra was established in 1981, fully funded by Limburg government. Composed of 80 talented youth musicians, the orchestra can play the complete version of any symphony. They have made their tour performance in th...

Keung Hang’s concert

Jul 16 - Jul 16 | Suzhou Great Hall of the People | 280-1,680 yuan

Keung Hang, a Chinese-Korean singer, rose to fame with his hit songs “Don’t Cry, My Friend” and “Looking Back.” He published his first album in 1984 and is extremely popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. He now has 34 albums un...

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